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Do you need last minute help for your logistics operation for Holidays and Boxing Day?

There is still time to plan your logistics needs for the end of the year and ensure your customers will receive their orders in time to celebrate the Holidays. Preparing your supply chain for peak seasons and high-volume orders may require special services to guarantee that your customers receive the best experience. Offering a memorable experience will increase the chances your customers are going to come back to shop with you.

So, are you maximizing efforts in your distribution and logistics areas to be there for your customers this year?

A 3PL partner can work with you as your partner when you need a little extra help for a short period of time. The costs involved are proportional to the solutions you use to manage your inventory and provide a faster response to customer’s expectations. Some options that a 3PL partner can assist you are:

  1. Accommodate additional inventory and scale your space requirement if you don’t have enough space in your building. After the holidays, it can scale back down, as necessary.
  2. Fulfillment capability options for B2B or B2C demands such as co-packing, labelling, shrink-wrap, and pick and pack services adding value to your process.
  3. Job Kitting to complete your fulfillment process. You may consider this option where it’s possible to take multiple SKUs and combine them to create a new SKU no matter how the product was manufactured or shipped. Good for small parts assembly and retail gift baskets.
  4. Sortation service to increase the speed of the last mile of your supply chain by separating the products before shipping it to their final destination.
  5. Return process for your orders so your customers are offered professional reverse logistics services, too.

Plan in advance for your hectic peak seasons. Your ability to scale up with additional space and services can be the difference between a repeat sale or a dissatisfied customer. Remember you can personalize your service options and add more according to your needs as demands or customer requirements dictate.

You still have time to manage your needs for the end of the year. If you want to discover more about what a 3PL company can do for your business, talk to us.


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