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Why are vending machines a good investment for your company?

Work smarter, not harder.

Industrial vending machines are a solution that can be tailored to different business needs, and it is a relatively new phenomenon helping employees execute day-to-day tasks and boost operational efficiencies. It reduces the amount of time to deliver parts to employees directly and to manufacturing floors. Whether the operation is organized by Kanban, line side stocking, or point-of-use delivery method in a small or large environment, the purpose is the same: maximize efficiency by automating your inventory management.

There are different options for vending machines that can fit into your supply chain operation. It is easy to picture: imagine a variety of bins sizes that hold line side stock to keep your manufacturing floor running while your team is focused on their core competencies. Or a variety of inventory sizes (i.e. tools, safety supplies, electronics, test equipment) that can be stocked and issued one at a time offering flexibility and traceability for inventory you want to control.

 Now that you know options available in the market, let’s talk about why investing in vending machines can make sense for your business:

  • It allows you to eliminate the need to overstock your inventory. With vending machines, it will not be necessary to have your employees counting the parts and a team for forecasting inventory.
  • Digitizes the process by generating automatic order replenishment avoiding last minute orders and keeping the stock on hand required for your demands.
  • Vending machines can be easily installed in your warehouse or stocking/assembly area of your manufacturing floor. As a result, you can reduce the time your staff takes to reach for the items they need to perform their jobs.
  • Traceability is fundamental so you know when, where and/or how long an item was used. From loaner programs to manufacturing parts consumption, you can track usage in your assembling area by part and user.
  • The flexibility of different vending machine sizes allows you to accommodate the SKU’s you want to dispense and how you want to dispense them.
  • System integration offers reports and control information to help you to make decisions that promote service level improvement for your company.

Recognizing the ways a vending solution can improve your company’s performance is the first step… from there, you can customize the right machines for your specific needs. You will have better performance by creating an operating model that eliminates waste, decrease costs and increases efficiency.

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