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Owen Nash

President and CEO

Under Owen Nash, TOC Logistics has seen transformative and sustained growth. In his role as President and CEO, he oversees Canada-wide company operations and direction, ensuring our end-to-end support mandate is felt at every stage of the customer experience.

In his 25-year career, Owen has touched every level of leadership in the procurement process. His specialty lies in procurement management and the oversight of supply chain and warehousing operations. He has managed and led generational projects, multimillion dollar programs, and hundreds of team members.

His multi-faceted industry experience in high tech, aerospace, utilities, and third-party logistics informs his data-driven, relationship-focused leadership style. Owen’s focus is on connecting people to places where they can best nurture and contribute to a strategy of sustained growth at TOC Logistics.

Own Nash

Alison Boase

Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations

In her 25-year career, Alison Boase has worked in a variety of industries, from high tech to utilities to fashion, a range that speaks volumes to her highly adaptable leadership style. At TOC Logistics, she heads up Procurement, Customer Service, and Account Management with a passion for excellence and a commitment to the customer.

Alison has worked with people from all professional backgrounds, including facilities and buildings, skilled trades, construction and maintenance, IT and network, and physical security. She has managed teams in both the unionized and private sectors and thrives when bringing people together to find common ground and common purpose. Alison’s focus at TOC Logistics is providing customers with meaningful communication and value through every step in their journey.

Alison Boase

Jason Evans

Director of Systems and Planning

Brought on as the first TOC Logistics employee in 2013, today Jason Evans is the Director of Systems and Planning. With 24 years’ experience performing key roles within supply-chain organizations, Jason knows firsthand how important it is to understand systems from the ground up. From working inbound on the warehouse floor to business analysis reporting, Jason’s breadth of knowledge is invaluable when his team ensures that systems not only work for a customer’s business processes, but they also exceed expectations.

Jason built up his expertise in the large electronics manufacturing and utilities industries, moving into the process and applications space in a leadership capacity. He has vetted processes and training for warehouse operations across North America. Fueled by his curiosity, Jason loves to navigate technical and physical process challenges, determining effective systems to suit a customer’s unique needs.

Jason Evans

Peter Diamantakos

Director of Warehousing Operations

With 24 years of experience in the shipping and transportation industries, Peter Diamantakos is driven by a desire to learn by doing and making the extraordinary happen for his customers.

Peter worked his way up from the warehouse floor at major international shipping corporations – from a courier to a shift lead, and later as a manager and director. Today at TOC Logistics, Peter is responsible for the safe, efficient flow of Canada-wide warehousing operations.

His natural aptitude for leadership, paired with a motivation to lead with integrity and see his team members hit their goals, enables him to foster growth and achieve creative solutions. For Peter, every customer request, every challenge, is an opportunity to excel and go above and beyond. It’s an attitude he instills in his team every day.

Peter Diamantakos

Chetna Kapadia

Director of Finance and Accounting

Chetna Kapadia is a Certified Public Accountant whose 25-year career has been all about blending rigor and process with ethical values. She has experience leading the financial departments for both publicly traded and private companies, supporting a range of internal and external needs, from marketing and product launches to business development initiatives.

With decades of experience in the security and telecom spaces, Chetna is an expert at building, motivating, and mentoring specialized teams that support various financial functions, including accounting, reporting, and formulating and presenting financial results to leadership.

Her expertise has given her the discipline and rigor to execute in her role for TOC Logistics today. She’s excited to find new opportunities for expansion and is proud to be part of a team where the core values of integrity and customer support are so strongly upheld.

Chetna Kapadia

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