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How job kitting can boost your fulfillment process?

Job kitting works as an additional service to facilitate logistics operation and maximize production efficiency. This preassembling method gets ready-to-ship kits instead of occupying space on your building and it can be performed by a 3PL partner that manages the process offering advice about the best way to perform it.

How kitting service works? Imagine that it is possible to take multiple SKUs and combine them to create a new specific one according to your business needs.  For example, when ordering a video game online, a customer may select accessories and games. A 3PL partner assembles the items into a kit to be shipped as one unit. The options for this type of service vary from:

  • Assembling diversified components that arrive separately from different vendors into a single SKU.
  • Preparing and putting together your inventory in a specific manner for your orders.
  • Breaking down your bulk inventory into separated pieces (or vice versa) allowing for multiple order combinations.

There is a range of possibilities that can be prepared and organized to comply with your demands. No matter how the product was manufactured or shipped, it can be assembled in separate parts to complete your fulfillment process and answer your customers’ expectations.

When you employ efficient strategies to manage your inventory, your operation benefits too. Having a 3PL partner operating job kitting will improve your productivity results. Take a look at some benefits:

Fewer shipping mistakes: a 3PL can separate, assemble, test, re-package, label, shrink-wrap and distribute different units, forming them into one kit.

Better packaging: 3PL offers a trained team utilizing a custom packaging process providing more efficient and cost-effective results.

Faster assembly: 3PL can group your inventory, prepare it in advance, and get it ready-to-ship by the time your customers order it.

Kitting service is another way to streamline your processes, shorten shipping times and remain cost-efficient. If you believe this could help your business, read more tips for choosing your 3PL company.

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