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Whether you’re selling direct-to-consumer or are a wholesaler with retail partners, we can help you confidently centralize your operations.


Labelling expertise

We’ll transform your bulk inventory into ready-to-ship products that match your brand.


Co-packing partners

Along with repackaging, we can help with sourcing materials and private labelling, so your stock reflects your business inside and out.


Hassle-free returns

Our job doesn’t end once your inventory leaves our warehouse. We’re equipped to manage returns too!

Ready to
chat about e‑commerce?

We’re here for you – let us know a little more about your needs and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

    Although we’re happy to pick, pack and ship for you – we also understand you need more. And we’ve got more.


    Real-time inventory

    Our warehouse management system lets you log in from anywhere to see exactly how much stock you have available at any given time.


    Barcodes, SKUs and everything in between

    Your inventory is scanned upon arrival and departure, so we always know exactly where it is and where it’s going.


    Inspected and protected

    Your stock is fully insured while it’s in our care, and our team is diligent in inspecting each pallet and product upon arrival and departure.


    Kitting for all industries

    We have dedicated warehousing space for kitting and assembly of all kinds – we can support whatever you’re looking for.


    Flexible warehousing

    We have over 350,000 square feet of warehouse space, so we can accommodate a full range of product types and sizes!


    Order Fulfillment

    B2B or B2C? Our pick and pack fulfillment services are completely customizable and adaptable for whatever your customer needs.

    How TOC gets your products from point A-B

    • 1
      Connect your products with our system. Our customizable warehouse management software connects directly with EDI, integrating with a wide range of online shopping cart platforms.
    • 2
      Send us your inventory.
    • 3
      We’ll store your inventory in our ultramodern, secure warehouse – as long as your inventory is with us, we treat it like our own.
    • 4
      When your customer places an order, we’ll pick your product from the warehouse, package it securely and label it to your liking.
    • 5
      We’ll ship right to your customer utilizing our strong relationships with Canada’s most trusted shipping and transport companies.
    • 6
      Your happy customer receives their package!
    • 7
      Don’t worry – if there’s a need for them to return the item, we’re equipped to manage that several ways –including inspecting for damage and repacking returns for resell.

    3PL Warehousing Solutions

    We’ll give your inventory the five-star treatment with secure, flexible warehousing solutions and fully integrated order fulfillment capabilities.


    Full-Service Logistics

    We’re outfitted with the latest technology to facilitate all your logistics needs, including simplifying your e‑commerce fulfillment processes.


    Professional Supply Chain Management

    Even if your scope extends outside the strategy you currently have in place, we have the expertise to help bring you up to speed, stay agile or expand.

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