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TOC Logistics Announces Geographic Expansion for 2020

Our History

Since 2012, TOC Logistics has been providing companies with high standard logistics and supply chain services across southern Ontario. Our first facility opened in Vaughan, with approximately 130,000 sq. ft., and is centrally located near Toronto’s largest transportation hub including air, rail, and major highways. We started providing warehousing and distribution operations to a large utility company allowing our client to focus on its core competencies gaining competitive advantages in the market.

Continued Growth

We have expanded our services to more customers and adding new services to our portfolio including vendor management, vending machines solutions, and consignment inventory. Becoming a truly cross-functional 3PL organization offering end-to-end solutions to different industries.

In 2018, as an innovative company delivering efficient operations to our customers, we launched TOC BrightBin, an intelligent bin system with powerful reporting that checks levels inventory and sends alerts when it is time to order again.

Our rapid growth is the result of our focus on building flexible and tailored solutions for our customers. Over the years, we have invested in increasing our capability to answer our customer’s needs. Today, TOC Logistics is recognized as a trusted partner helping companies to achieve exceptional business performance.

The Horizon

Where we are going now…

 TOC Logistics is at the forefront of the market:

Employee Growth: we have grown rapidly in the last 8 years and our employees are part of that growth. Our focus is to bring on new staff who will understand and contribute to our most important objective: our customer’s needs and their satisfaction.

Geographic Expansion: in Q2 for 2020, TOC Logistics third warehouse will open for business. The new building, which is in Caledon, an upcoming distribution hub in Greater Toronto (GTA), will house about 100,000 sq. ft. The area is a destination that has been emerging as an attractive distribution sector with lots of growth opportunities putting these warehouse developments on the distribution map.

“We are extremely proud of TOC Logistics success over the last 8 years and we look forward to the next chapter. This new decade starts with a challenging market, and we are ready for it”, said Owen Nash, VP Operations and Business Development.


Timeline photos of the construction and see what’s coming soon:

July 2019

September 2019

January 2020

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