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How to solve logistics planning challenges for peak seasons?

The peak seasons for retailers also means busy times for logistics and transportation. During the year, some special events as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Boxing Day and others, challenge logistics companies to deliver the best service to end customers.


How to plan an efficient logistics and supply chain process for your business?



Plan in advance is always the best alternative to be ready for future demands. It is possible to anticipate scenarios by analyzing data from previous years to determine the demands for the present plus market expectations.

For example, if your business has higher demands of a product in a specific period, focus on having stock in advance the minimum quantity to answer the first orders and get it sent as soon as possible. Don’t wait to have one shipment delivered and consider splitting it into different transportations. 

Cost control 

Production is typically a major part of a company’s cost structure. For this reason, having quotes that consider the prices for busy seasons also allows you to grow your operation while controlling costs. In addition, using an integrated platform that is available to all parties involved in the supply chain operations avoids duplication of activities that will save time, increase efficiency and reduce the margin of errors.


Innovation is shaping the future. None of the processes will happen if the technology doesn’t work supporting your business methods by forecasting accurate demands, providing real-time information, improving production planning and optimizing transportation management. System integration and automation are the keys to keep up with positive business performance. Have in mind: when technology is working, productivity is solid.

Find a 3PL partner

Outsourcing your supply chain process, or at least a portion of it such as transportation and storage is a strategic decision for peak seasons. Benefits from a 3PL partnership include logistics and supply chain expertise, cost reduction, scalability by demand, and contractual rates. Working with a 3PL to take advantage of shipping networks and portfolio services is the smartest option to fulfill the demands of the season. 


Inaccurate logistics planning can result in higher expenditures, delivery deadlines, and bad inventory management. The first quarter of the year is close to ending but there is always time to plan and take actions to be prepared for hectic seasons.  Read more about e-commerce trends here. 


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